Midlands Rat Club


We hold a cup show annually, usually in October. Here is a list of trophies that have been donated to the club. As you can see, there are many variety and pet classes which do not yet have a trophy, and we would be happy to receive your trophy donations.

Please email rosettes@midlandsratclub.org if you are interested.


If you have won a trophy which has the space for a plaque and you would like to add your name/your rat's name plus the year it was awarded, please do so. Please keep your inscription to one line.

Please polish the trophy and return it in good time for next year's presentation.
Thank you.


TrophyNamePhotoDonated by
Best In Show Cup Club
Reserve Best In Show Cup Club
Third in Supreme ChallengeGobletAnnette Rand
Fourth in Supreme ChallengeGobletAnnette Rand
Best Opposite Age Cup Club
Stud Buck ShieldClub
Best Junior Exhibitor Goblet Club
Kidnapped Variety Metal rat trophy Annette Rand
Best Self Tennyson Cup Sandra & Graham Mobbs
Pink Eyed White Valhalla Trophy Julie Oliver
Buff/Champagne Yabba Dabba Doo Star Ellie Cadman
British Blue - none
Black Black Lupin Award Claire Roberts
Chocolate - none
Mink - none
Ivory - none
Best Marked CupClub
Berkshire - none
Badger - none
Irish The Geldof Commemorative Cup Lesley Mackness
Hooded Zippy Memorial TrophyKt Howe
Variegated Celia Memorial TrophyYvonne Lee
Capped - none
Essex Brandywine CupAnnette Rand
Chinchilla - none
Squirrel - none
Roan - none
Best Russian Brandywine Moss AwardAnnette Rand
Russian Blue Serenity CupLynn and Mike Bailey
Russian Dove The Lavender CupClaire Roberts
Russian Blue Agouti Candle-holderAnnette Rand
Best Shaded - none
Argente Creme - none
Himalayan - none
Siamese - none
Blue Point Siamese - none
Burmese - none
Best AOV (Any Other Varieties) Snowdrop TrophyElaina Friend
Topaz Solstice PlateHannah Garland
Silver Fawn Vesta Memorial Trophy Sue Lewis
Silver - none
Agouti Shunamite TrophyAlison Campbell
Cinnamon Hugo AwardClaire Roberts
British Blue Agouti - none
Lilac Agouti - none
Pearl/Cinnamon Pearl - none
Platinum Agouti - none
Best Rex Brian Memorial Lisa King
Self Rex - none
Marked Rex - none
Russian Rex The Talbot Cup Claire Roberts
Shaded Rex - none
AOV Rex MRC Cupcake Memorial TrophyAmy Foxford
Best Dumbo Dolly Daydream TrophySue Lewis
Self Dumbo Luna Award From Club to Saz Lea with thanks
Marked Dumbo Candle-holderAnnette Rand
Russian Dumbo Black Lupin Ash AwardClaire Roberts
Shaded Dumbo - none
AOV Dumbo - none
Guide Standard Salty Memorial Trophy Gill Thomas
Best New Variety Peebles CupDeb Mallet & Ed Reay


TrophyNamePhotoDonated by
Best Pet Cup Club
Reserve Best Pet Cup Club
3rd Best Pet Tabikit Memorial TrophyAlison Campbell
4th Best Pet Noodles Memorial TrophyTina Salt-Pulford
Adult Owned Buck Cup Lesley Mackness
Adult Owned Buck Kitten - none
Adult Owned Buck Adult - none
Adult Owned Buck Veteran - none
Adult Owned Doe - none
Adult Owned Doe Kitten - none
Adult Owned Doe Adult - none
Adult Owned Doe Veteran - none
Junior Owned Buck The L. M. CupLesley Mackness
Junior Owned Buck Kitten - none
Junior Owned Buck Adult - none
Junior Owned Buck Veteran - none
Junior Owned Doe - none
Junior Owned Doe Kitten - none
Junior Owned Doe Adult - none
Junior Owned Doe Veteran - none
Best Veteran Buck Ratty Bob Memorial TrophyJulie Davies
Kidnapped Pet Metal rat trophy Annette Rand
Agility - none
Curiosity - none
Best Rescue Karen Adams Memorial Trophy (replaced 2013)Club
Best Small Furry Smokey May TrophyYvonne Cox