Midlands Rat Club

Rat Agility

We hold an agility event at most of our shows.

The committee is eager to promote rat agility as more of an event at our shows, with more of an emphasis on training for the event and the benefits in interaction and enrichment that this will, we hope, bring to both the rats and their humans.

If you are interested and are a member of the club then you need to get yourself over to the club forum for our online agility workshop, where we can all learn together.

If you are interested and you're NOT a paid up club member, it's high time you joined.

Agility Rules

These rules have been arrived at through members' discussion on our forum. They are designed to be simple to judge whilst giving a fair result and allowing both the handler and the rat to enjoy the event.

  1. As with other show events, competing rats must be in good health and be (or appear to be) eight weeks or older.
  2. Rats should be handled considerately and humanely at all times.
  3. Spectators should keep quiet and stand back from the table during the event.
  4. A rat/handler partnership may compete in the event only once during the day, but a handler can enter as many different rats as they wish.
  5. During their competition run the handler may touch the rat, pat, stroke and use gentle encouragement, but may not push or physically steer the rat.
  6. The rat may be picked up and moved if necessary, but this will incur a 15 second penalty.
  7. Rats may be lured or rewarded with small pieces of food.
  8. There will be six obstacles in the course.
  9. The course will remain the same throughout the event for all participants.
  10. A maximum time of two minutes is allowed.
  11. A 30 second penalty will be incurred for each obstacle not attempted.
  12. A 15 second penalty will be incurred for each obstacle attempted but not successfully completed.
  13. Placings will be given according to the time taken plus penalties.

The ramp

The balance beam

The see-saw

The slalom or weave poles

The tunnel

The jump hoop (finishing post)