Midlands Rat Club

Why Rats?

Having been kept as a pet by the Victorians, the fancy rat has had at least 150 years of good breeding which makes it the fabulous pet it is today.

Rats have a similar temperament to dogs and cats. As well as being naturally intelligent, they are loyal and affectionate to their humans, while retaining a high level of spirited independence.

Unlike most wild rats, fancy rats come in a variety of colours and markings such as Siamese (like the cat), blue, dumbo (a sort of side-eared), and the curly-furred rex to name but a few.

Many breeders show their rats and there are set standards which they strive to achieve. The collective name for a group of such enthusiasts is a 'fancy' and its individual members are called 'fanciers', hence the term 'fancy rat'.