Midlands Rat Club

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MRC Collingwood October Cup Show

Soft Toys

Barry Davis and Julia Morris

1. Tiny, owned by Jenny Shipley.
Russian blue dumbo. Tiny lad with lovely ears. Super spiky haircut! Sat nicely for the judge. Springy whiskers and a small tail. Lovely black socks. (Fridge) magnetic personality.
2. Dutchess, owned by Jenny Shipley.
Russian blue top-ear. Beautifully uneven ears! Great knitted fur. Floppy girl with wonderful stringy legs and arms. Should have teeth trimmed by the vet soon though.
3. Diamond, owned by Charlotte-Eve Millington.
BEW top-ear. A wild whiskered lad with great 'pringle' ears! Spotlessly white, clean coat and long clean tail. Cute black nose. Very well behaved for the judge.
4. Nippy, owned by Deborah Whiles
Black capped top ear. Stood up on back legs for the judge. Nice bright eyes. Small pink ears with one bigger than the other. Lovely clean tail and nice markings. Great neckerchief with name on.
5. Brian, owned by Deborah Whiles
Russian blue top-ear. Big lad with beautiful shiny black eyes. Massive feet and tiny 'spam' ears. Cute pink nose and nice thick fur. Great fat tail and springy whiskers. Judge had a nice cuddle.
6. Rastamouse, owned by William Norrey.
Agouti top-ear. Great pointed snout and a lovely curly tail. Wild hat and ratty dreadlocks! Smart t-shirt, studied the judge intently. Cut black 'currant' nose!
7. Scratchy, owned by William Norrey.
Agouti dumbo. Smartly dressed girl with pretty skirt, pink t-shirt and matching bow in hair. Cute pointy snout and elegant long neck. Forgot to wear undies though!
8. Roland, owned by William Norrey.
Blue dumbo self. Happy lad! Huge dumbo ears and bright, shiny mischievous eyes. Well dressed boy with really trendy trainers, fabulous buckled hat. Tail tucked into his jeans.
9. Bob, owned by Sarah Lea.
Black dumbo self. Mad mohawk haircut. Tiny beady eyes and long droopy snout. Has attitude. Sat so beautifully for the judge. Great grey tail and fab 'star' tattoo on bottom.
10. Rat with Hattitude, owned by Lesley Mackness.
Cinnamon top-eared rex. H-U-G-E boy. Soft curly fur and long, spiky whiskers. Amazing long clean tail. Cool porkpie hat and great pink feet. Has no nose! How does he smell?!!
11. Pirate, owned by Hannah Garland.
Hairless top-ear. Rosy cheeks and very fine whiskers. One eye not a patch on the other one! Lovely long feet and arms. Needs new trousers though. Stood up tall and straight for the judge.
12. Peepers, owned by Hannah Garland.
Hairless top-ear. Badger marking on face. Shiny beady eyes. Cute fuzzy pink feet and paws. Inquisitive expression on face. Frayed tail with a knot at the end. Cheeky lad!
13. Lulu, owned by Hannah Garland.
Chocolate? rex dumbo. Strange shaped girl with crazy multi-coloured whiskers. Arms and legs everywhere! Extremely long tail - looks a bit ropey though! A rat only an owner could love.
14. Daisy, owned by John Copp.
Tricoloured guinea pig. Lovely little guy wiht beautiful markings and such a cute little face. 'Whooped' for the judge. Very cuddly and loveable with bright, keen eyes. Enjoyed sitting on judge's lap!
15. Chaz, owned by Lynn Bailey.
Black top-ear. Very smart, slightly silvered black fur. Suede ears - beautiful shape but shame about bite mark on left ear. Gorgeous eyes and nice dark tail. Handsome lad.
16. Poppy, owned by Lynn Bailey.
English blue dumbo. Happy, smiley face and blackcurrant eyes. Wingnut ears! Lovely long legs and a pretty knitted dress. Tail was tucked into undies. Nails were nice and short.
17. Scraps, owned by Lynn Bailey.
English blue top-ear. Sweet lad, cuddled his tail nervously throughout the judging. Lovely white snout with shiny blue nose. Cute tuft of hair. Droopy whiskers and intense beady eyes.
18. Lump, owned by Lynn Bailey.
Herringbone Berkshire dumbo. Rotund heavy lad - needs to go on a diet. Well marked Berkie belly and nice tulip shaped ears. Nice long, slim tail but showing signs of wheel-tail. Judge suggests buying him a treadmill.
19. Bay City Rat, owned by Annette Rand.
Buff rex top-ear. Very soft, curly rex coat. Lovely tartan ears and nose and an amazingly long snout. Crazy eyes! Nice belly markings. Totally relaxed and floppy during judging.
20. Boggle, owned by Annette Rand.
Chelsea blue dumbo. Bright girl. Lovely red nose, ears and tail. Smooth, fine coat. Enormous eyes and springy whiskers. Pretty ribbon hair. Colourful character.
21. Beany, owned by Annette Rand.
Chocolate top-ear. Extremely laid back boy - so easy to cuddle as he was so floppy. Beautiful whiskers and bright, alert eyes. Fell asleep on the judge's arm. Nice long, thin tail.
22. Nibbles, owned by Lisa Richards.
Fawn rabbit. Lovely squishy boy wiht such a cute face and pink nose. Beautiful white cotton but tail and tall, alert ears. Judge had a good cuddle.
23. Trigger 2, owned by Sally Williams
Black top-ear. Handsome black glossy lad! Lovely soft ears. Beautiful button eyes and a great nose. Nice dark tail. Smart lad and very well behaved. Lovely shape.
24. Ratticus, owned by Christina Pingriff.
Mink rex dumbo. Lovely rexy coat with 'pringle' ears (no creases). Cute little face with big, bright eyes and a pretty pink nose. Small lad but perfectly formed. Fat tail but pleasing to the eye.


Best Small Furry: 14. Daisy

Cutest Face: 1. Tiny

Best Dressed: 7. Scratchy

Best Rescue: 11. Pirate

Adult Owned Doe: 2. Dutchess

Junior Owned Doe: 8. Roland

Adult Owned Buck & Best In Show: 24. Ratticus