Midlands Rat Club

MRC AGM and 1 Show
Saturday 9th March 2013

Willington Village Hall

Twyford Road
DE65 6DE

10am - doors open
10.45 - all rats to be benched
11.00 - AGM
12:00 - Judging begins

Doors open at 10am, show begins at 10.45am.
Entry to the show hall is free of charge and open to non members. Entry to the AGM is members only.

Show Secretary: Vicki Meakin

Varieties Judge: Sandra Mobbs

Pet Judge: Sherry Johnstone

Catering Co-ordinator:

Health Checks:

Attractions: Betty's Bed's, Cosy beds & burrows, Rattie Angels and the MRC shop

Show Photos

Varieties Results

Pet Results

The online entry and rat exchange notification forms will open two to three weeks before the show.

Bringing Rats to the Show

Shoulder Rats

Shoulder rats are allowed at this show - a maximum of three from any one household. There is no charge for bringing shoulder rats but we remind people not to bring ANY rats, either as entries or as shoulder rats, unless they are 100% fine and healthy. Please also do not bring rats if you have taken in rats from an 'unknown' source (eg. rescue or pet shop) in the past three weeks.


To prevent the spread of infections, we request you not to bring rats to the show if you have attended a show or taken in rats within the past two weeks, particularly if a virus is known to be circulating. See the article Prevention is better than cure for more detailed advice.

Your Entries

Enter using the online form above right or by email to . Close of entries is at 9pm on the Wednesday preceding the show. See How to Show for more details.

Hire tanks are available for novice or first time show-ers. We only have a limited number of tanks available for hire, so we would ask that members who regularly show provide their own suitable tanks to allow novice entries priority.

Health Checks

If you wish to exchange rats at this show please use our online form or contact the Show Organiser. You must pre-notify details of any rats or small furries which will be taken to the show for collection. Descriptions and ages will be required. Only pre-arranged sales and exchanges may be made.
Why do I have to notify the club?