Midlands Rat Club

Breeders and Rescues

All listed breeders and rescues are members of the Midlands Rat Club and have been included at their own request. Since October 2014 anyone wishing to be added to this list is also required to have either the recommendation of an MRC member already on the list who has personal experience of the applicant's rattery, or to have a home visit by a committee approved person. Inclusion on this list does not constitute a recommendation by the Midlands Rat Club. You must use your own judgement to select a breeder.

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Black Lupin Stud
Claire Roberts
Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham Breeding for black & Russian blue in dumbo and occasionally in rex. Web: Black Lupin Rats
Gemstone Stud
Gemma Corfield
Wolverhampton Russian Topaz and Russian Blue Agouti in rex. Possibility of dumbo. Email: gemmapreece@hotmail.com
Web: Gemstone Rattery
Isamu Rats
Jemma Fettes
Near Preston, Lancs Agouti and black with chance of mink and Essex in top eared and dumbo. Web: Isamu Rats
Rattie Asylum Rattery
AJ Black-Savage & Jon Savage
Leicester Currently breeding for health and temperament over variety, with both rex and smooth coat, dumbo and top ear. Email: rattieasylum@gmail.com
RattieAngels Stud
Sam Redgrave
Southam, Warwickshire Topaz, buff and Russian blue in marked, Essex as well as selfs, with a mix of rex and smooth, tops and dumbo. Email:
Web: Rattie Angels Rattery
Solstice Rattery
Hannah Garland
Lichfield Breeding for topaz, agouti, black, and buff, with the chance of rex and dumbo. Email: garlandfaeries@hotmail.com
Web: @solsticerats on Facebook
Salem Star Rattery
Alex Court
Birmingham Breeding for Health and temperament in mainly Russian blue. Email: salemstarrattery@outlook.com
Web: @salemstarrattery on Facebook
Stelmaria Rattery
Claire Louise Boddy
Kettering, Northants Silvered chocolate self in top ear and dumbo, smooth. Unmarked Russian blue and Russian blue agouti in top ear, smooth. Email: magrat@stelmariarats.co.uk
Web: Stelmaria Rats



Beginning in 2015, we ask that members wishing to be listed agree to abide by the following terms. Because this is a new initiative, some breeders listed have not yet been asked to agree to this. Those members who have agreed are marked with a . Those who have agreed and also qualified for our MRC Quality Breeder Award are marked with

  • Be a fully paid up member of the MRC.
  • Be a no cull rattery.
  • Be breeding at least your second generation of rats.
  • Have either the recommendation of an MRC member already on the breeders list who has agreed to these terms and has personal experience of your rescue or rattery, or to have a home visit by a committee approved person.
  • Provide appropriately sized cages with room for rats to climb and space for natural behaviour.
  • Provide appropriate substrate and diet.
  • Show good husbandry and to be keeping rats in safe and hygienic conditions.
  • Allow home visits by prospective owners.
  • Keep careful health records and maintain and produce accurate genealogical charts (family trees) for prospective owners.
  • Aim to breed strong, healthy, resilient rats from parents with a proven history.
  • Provide adequate vet care when necessary.

Members under the age of 16 will need the written consent of a parent/guardian before being added to the list.

Please email the following details to: webmaster@midlandsratclub.org

  • Rescue/Rattery/Stud name and location
  • The name and contact details of the person who has agreed to recommend you
  • Varieties (if applicable)
  • Contact details to be displayed (email / website)
  • Further contact details to be included in printed version (telephone?)