Midlands Rat Club

Meet the Committee

Annette Rand


Hiya, I'm Annette, the Club Treasurer. I've been a member of the MRC since we picked up three rats for our children at a show in 2001. I bred rats under the name 'Brandywine Rats' for ten years, but am now gradually reducing my rat numbers to concentrate on other things.

Graham Mobbs


I’m Graham, chairman and a founder member of the MRC. My wife Sandra and I started keeping rats in 1997 and have been active in rat fancy ever since. For various reasons, I have not kept rats for a few years now but I remain passionate about rats and their welfare and I continue to work tirelessly for the promotion of rats as pets and exhibition animals.

The pathology of rats also holds a deep interest to me and I have written numerous health articles for the club magazine, Rat-A-2-E.

I am a NFRS championship judge and, together with my wife Sandra, we own Tennyson Stud (NFRS registered) where one day we hope once again to renew our love affair with the British blue and British blue agouti and our obsession for breeding for health and temperament.

The MRC has always held the promotion of rats as pets and show animals at its heart and over the years we have built a reputation for friendly and welcoming shows. We have, as a matter of principle, aimed to encourage and educate as well as provide a fun social environment for all our members. As chairman, I see my task as ensuring these and all our principles are maintained and enhanced throughout all aspects of our club and its activities.

Claire Roberts

Rosettes Officer

I'm Claire, the Rosettes Officer. I've kept rats since 2000 and have been a member of the Midlands Rat Club since 2007. I started breeding in 2011 under the name 'Black Lupin'. I'm aiming to breed Black and Russians (In Dumbo and occasionally in Rex). I also enjoy reading and I'm a big Harry Potter fan (Hence the name of my Rattery)

Sandra Mobbs

General Show Secretary

Hi, I’m Sandra Mobbs, general show secretary of the MRC and editor of the club’s magazine, Rat-A-2-E. I was one of the founding members of the club and held the position of treasurer on the committee from 2001 to 2007. I took a break from committee life for five years and then returned as treasurer in 2013. I moved to the position of general show secretary in 2017. My husband (Graham) and I don’t currently have any rats, but we used to breed as Tennyson Stud, mainly British blue and British blue agouti.

I am a National Fancy Rat Society championship judge and have judged in Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands, as well as at MRC shows and for other regional rat clubs and the National Fancy Rat Society at various shows throughout the UK.

For my day job I am a Senior Systems Analyst. My interests outside of rats include gardening, watching football, reading (my favourite authors are Wilkie Collins and Terry Pratchett), cooking and trying to improve my French.

Lisa King

Shop and Stalls Co-ordinator

Hiya, I'm Lisa and I'm the Shop and Stalls Coordinator. I have been a member of the MRC since 2007 after coming along to a couple of shows after I got my first rats in 2006. I have been on committee a couple of times with a big break due to my 3 small people. Outside of MRC life I have many hobbies (some I have more time for than others) mainly crafty type things such as sewing and crochet but I also love to read.

Hannah Garland

Membership Secretary

Adele Wharton

Club Secretary

Hi! I'm Adele, I've been a member of the MRC since 2015, and Club Secretary since 2017. However, I've been owned by rats much longer than that, since I was a mere teenager.

As you will probably have noticed from the photo, I'm also the Club's tame vet. I'm not an exotics specialist as such, but years of owning and caring for various small mammals and a passionate belief that they are entitled to the same standards of care as other more common pets has led me to undertake a lot of further training, and I now have a large small mammal caseload, predominantly rats and rabbits. I write a lot of the health articles for the Club magazine, and also contribute to ratguide.com, a well respected online resource for owners and vets alike.

Another passion of mine is rat rescue, since taking in my first rescue rats around 11 years ago and finding out just how many rats are out there needing homes, I decided to put my skills to good use by offering a permanent home to rats which are struggling to find one otherwise, usually through health or behavioural problems.

When I'm not working, or with my rats, I can usually be found curled up with a good book, or hanging around upside down at my local Pole Fitness Class!

Reece Maxwell

Publicity Officer

Hi I'm Reece, the current publicity officer. I've been a member since 2018 and having been loving it since. I've kept rats for most of my adult life but found the MRC after moving house and wanting to increasing my mischief. I haven't looked back since. I'm new to publicity but feel free to come over at a show to have a chat and hear my ideas for the future. I have a passion for DIY and have built parts of or all of the current enclosures my animals live in which I'm happy to show off. I enjoy a variety of things that gets my adrenaline running and keeps me active. Can't wait to put my own spin on things, see you at the next show.

Fiona Barnes

Fun Events Co-ordinator